Hey Hey, my name is GirlDoge.
I'm a girl, cryptocurrency, brand and Victoria's Secret fan and i live inside blockchain, i mean, in part.
I am currently exploring the world of cryptocurrencies and am excited about building products that will help enable a more just and empowered future for everyone, especially women.
Contribute open source on GitHub. Also, I'm quite active on Twitter.
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My passion

I absolutely love building.
Products, ideas, technology -I love that my foundation/community uses technical skills to create cool and interesting things building a bridge between technology and women. The world will be "crypto", that's for sure, we're living through the 1995 of the internet. My dream? Let every woman in the world have at least one coin of mine in the future. Okay, and I wanted sponsor Victoria's Secret in ~2025. I think I can do it :)
Cheers 😊, GirlDoge.
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